Ana Atanaskovic is a writer and English language and literature teacher. She was born in 1973 in Krusevac. She graduated in Belgrade University in 1997. She has been working as a teacher in secondary Electrotehnical school ‘Nikola Tesla’ in Belgrade since then.

Her first book, a collection of short stories (Belgrade May Stories) was published in 2006 by Knjizevna omladina Srbije. ‘Duet dusa’ (Duet of Souls), published by Magnet, is her second book. It is a novel in which the author successfully combined heritage from her family in the beginning of 20th century, death of the last Obrenovic monarchs and stories from her own life. Her third book is Jelena Anzujska, published in 2008, by Feniks Libris, a reconstruction of life of a famous Serbian queen from the 13th century, a girl from the famous line of Anjous who rose to become an Orthodox saint. Jelena Anzujska has a second edition, published in 2009., by Art-Project from Serbia and Kordun from USA.

Ana has written articles for the Serbian edition of ELLE and has successfully joined literary contests, winning the first prize for a short story about lavender, in the organization of Bonux.

In 2010 her text about the novel of the famous Serbian writer Isidora Bjelica was awarded the best by the Lisa magazine and Laguna publishing house.

On July 10, 2010 Ana gave a lecture entitled Nikola Tesla and Women in the Central Library in Philadelphia, which was a part of Tesla Energy Independence Celebration.

She also started writing for a travel magazine (dealing with travel as a life style od VIPs) VipTrip Diplomatic, edited by Isidora Bjelica, for which she is contributing  interviews with  ambassadors in Serbia.

In 2012 Ana finished her master studies in marketing and trade (Advertising Specificities  in Publishing  in Serbia).

Her new novel My Love Nikola Tesla has been recently (april 2013) published by IP Smart. It is a diary story about Katharine Underwood Johnson, wife of Robert Underwood Johnson, who loved the famous inventor Nikola Tesla.